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2007-08-03 19:31:01 by neonwelp

Ok, just about every comment I get on my songs, they're flames so I just want to shine some light on why I'm not up to your expectations on the acoustic.

I've been playing guitar for 3 years now (I just started acouistc in december last year). I play with my fingers, don't pick. My acoustic needs new strings but I'm a poor ass without a legal vehical and can't afford new ones. I use Audacity to record my guitar songs (wich for those who don't know is the biggest joke of a recording software availible). The only editing (other than putting in more than one recording into 1 song) was on my acoustic version of clock town, everything else was just recorded, and uploaded.

So yeah, go ahead and flame me if you wish, just please tell me what I'm doing wrong instead of the usual: "Damn you suck!" or "My ears are fucking bleeding!!".